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Our Philosophy

Your home is your sanctuary. When you walk through the front door, you need a space that leaves you feeling restored - and that's what the Casual California design approach does best. Warmth is infused into designs through organic textures and soft layers, while balanced with white space and intentional organization. Sit down, stay a while, and let the day melt away.


Say Hello To Our Founders

Christy has been professionally designing and staging homes since 2000, but her origin story begins in fourth grade. While the average nine year old would choose a vivid palette, young Christy was drawn to neutrals. She specifically remembers picking out a brown comforter from a Sears catalog, appreciating an anchoring neutral even at a young age.


That natural eye for design developed into a skillset which she used to stage her own home 2000. She knew that if she could add some sparkle, she could show potential buyers what it was worth. The buyers noticed, and so did everyone else. Soon friends were asking for design advice and staging help. Christy began working for a local interior designer then started Pacific Coast Design in 2015 with longtime friend Corrine McKendrick.


Since then, the two have staged and designed hundreds of homes, honing their Casual Californian style into what it is today. You can always count on her to add a pop of color - as long as that pop of color is white! 

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Christy Bowles


Corrine McKendrick

Soon after graduating from college, Corrine was hired as a Project Manager for a large commercial real estate developer in San Diego. During her time as a project manager, she paid attention to the trends and designs of real estate. Capitalizing on her experience, she went on to become an accredited HSR Staging and Design Professional and a member of the Real Estate Staging Association. 

Corrine started her own staging and design business called Staging San Diego in 2006. When she moved to the Bay Area in 2015, she partnered with longtime friend Christy Bowles to start Pacific Home Design. Together they have staged and designed hundreds of homes, infusing an effortless California Casual style into their projects.

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What Our

Clients Say

We are so grateful to our incredible clients - thank you for allowing us to partner with you to bring your vision to life. 

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“Have customers review you and share what they had to say. Click to edit and add their testimonial.”

Alexa Young, CA


Pacific Home Design is certified in home staging, redesigning, and color consulting. 

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