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Every Occupied property starts with a Home Staging Consultation which includes a detailed Action Plan Report (10+ pages).  In this one-on-one session, we tour your home with buyers eyes and discuss recommendations for both exterior and interior spaces.  Our goal is to showcase the focal points of each room and downplay the price eroding issues by recommending appropriate furniture, art, accessories, and arrangement using your own house inventory. At the conclusion of the consultation, we will provide you with an extensive "Do It Yourself" check list of suggestions specific to your home. It will outline what should be cleaned, stored, repaired or replaced, in order to prepare your home for sale. If you are not the D-I-Y type, or you do not have time to stage your home yourself; we would be happy to come back to your home for our Staging Day service (a $100 credit will apply).
  • Detailed individual Action Plan Report (10+pages), which includes a checklist of items to-do-yourself to get your home market ready.

  • Evaluation of homes interior and exterior with suggestions for changes and improvements to enhance curb appeal.

  • A comprehensive walk through of the home to assess furniture, furniture placement, traffic flow, clutter, lighting, accessories, updates and repairs.

  • Identification of focal points in each room to showcase for maximum appeal.

  • Identifying problem areas to be downplayed.

  • Clarifying the focal points and architectural curb appeal in each space and how to enhance it.

  • Transformation of a portion of a room, or more, as time allows.

  • Our preferred list of qualified trade professionals to aid you in the areas that you cannot accomplish yourself, such as carpet cleaners, painters, electricians, photographers and more.

  • Proposal for staging and other services by PH Design.


* The Home Staging Consultation is a 2 hour meeting, that includes a Action Plan Report.

Providing an individualized plan of action for occupied homes before staging begins. 
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