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Our objective during this step will be to listen and learn more about your design needs and get a clear understanding of your project’s scope.


  Schedule a Design Consultation

We’ll meet with you for 2-21/2 hours and walk through your home to discuss your priorities. We will create an Action Plan Report for some DIY items. We can then make recommendations on where to place your existing items and what types of furniture or accessories you may wish to add and incorporate into your new or existing design style.

Depending on your unique project, recommendations may include strategies for:

  • furniture placement working with your existing pieces

  • art and accessory placement with existing pieces

  • additional recommendations for furniture, art and accessories

  • paint, wallpaper and finish selections

  • kitchen and bath selections (granite, backsplash, hardware, cabinetry)

  • lighting selections

  • flooring selections

  Ongoing Client Collaboration 

In this phase, we’ll work and collaborate with you closely to transform your style, design needs, and ideas into a refined concept. You send us your Pinterest boards and inspirational photos. Once the design concept has been established we’ll expand and develop these ideas to fully design your spaces in detail. Based on hourly rate.

  Ordering & Purchasing 

We’ll work closely with you as we shop for items needed for your new designed space. We will ensure all your pieces are ordered to exact specifications. As always we’ll share our trade discounts with you to stretch your design budget. Based on hourly rate.



If your project involves remodeling and working with general contractors during this phase, we will be happy to conduct site visits, keeping tabs on the progress of work being done to ensure your project is moving forward with perfect installation. Based on hourly rate.

  Project Management

Sometimes you may need extra help for certain tasks that are not part of your design project. We can help you with these projects as well, based on our hourly rate.


Let a PH Design Professional walk through your home and uncover ways to enhance your space to fit your lifestyle. We’ll help you create rooms you’ll love by restyling your space into something you are proud of. Unlike staging, we’ll help create a plan that is tailored to your family’s lifestyle and your own personal preferences. You can actually save money by working with a designer because you won’t end up making costly mistakes. Purchasing furniture that doesn’t fit the space, installing floors that don’t end up working in the room, or painting the walls the wrong color creates unnecessary stress by costing you time and money. By having a professional help you, you’ll be able to pull your house together in less time, without wasting money and with less stress!

We do most of the design work ourselves. However, if you need additional work done by a contractor such as an electrician, plumber or carpenter, we are happy to provide contacts within our referral network, or you can use any of your own contractors. We give you the flexibility to choose what’s right for you.

Keeping in mind that each homeowner, home, and project is different, PH Design will tailor our services to your needs. We pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations!

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At Pacific Home Design our goal is to expertly guide home sellers in maximizing profits by creating beautiful spaces where buyers will aspire to live.