What Is Home Staging and Why Is It Important?


Home Staging is a decorating technique that highlights the best features of the home by providing a vision for how a buyer could live.  Research shows staged homes sell faster and for a higher profit because home staging creates immediate buyer interest. Staging a home by adding updated style, textures, colors, and decorations to the house which in turn establishes a warm comfortable atmosphere. This presentation creates an emotional connection that triggers a buying decision and leads to a faster sale at a higher price in part because emotion causes people to act with a sense of urgency. 

Frequently asked Questions:


Do I need a stager if my home is already decorated?

Absolutely, and here’s why… decorating is about personalizing spaces.  When selling your home, you actually want to do the opposite where by you depersonalize a space making it appeal to a broad spectrum of people.  You do not however, want to remove all signs of life as sometimes incorrectly suggested. What a professional stager brings to the table is the ability to depersonalize a home while still making it warm and inviting, enabling a variety of people to emotionally connect with it.


Why should I hire a stager?

A professional stager has something the seller does not…and that’s objectivity.  Objectivity is key when putting a home on the market.   As a home-owner, it’s nearly impossible to see your home through a buyers eyes as you are sentimentally attached.  I addition, it’s difficult to see areas that may need attending to as you have lived with them for so long they become a part of the surroundings.  Keep in mind that only 10% of home -buyers can see past your things and envision the space without them.  This is alarming when you need as many buyers as possible to envision themselves enjoying the possibility of owning your home!


Is staging expensive?

When staging an occupied home, a professional stager may be able to work with what you currently own, making it very cost effective.  Most home sellers who have used stagers would say that the investment is worth more than the first price reduction.   A well staged home may eliminate months of carrying cost and bring you top dollar. That said, we can not guarantee the sale of a home, as there are many factors involved out of our control.

What is the difference between “decorating a home” and “staging a home”?

Decorating a home is tailored to the desires of the homeowner and creating a design that speaks to the individual homeowner’s personal tastes. Home Staging is neutralizing that style to showcase the property’s best selling features as a product to appeal to the largest number of potential home buyers.


Why should I have my home professionally staged?

It is very difficult for homeowners to view their home as a “product” because they are emotionally attached to the home. On the other hand, a professional home stager is aware of buyer trends and can objectively view a home to focus on the most important selling points that would be important to potential buyers. Since only 10% of prospective buyers can see the potential in a home, it is very important to present the home in the best light and do it in a way that would appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

How much does staging cost?

Staging is much less expensive than your first price reduction! With staging, you want to invest the least amount of money that will still allow you to create that “WOW” factor. It may be as little as $295 for the Home Staging Consultation. PH Design charges an hourly rate to best fit your budget. However, generally speaking you roughly pay $500-$1000 to rework what you already have, a few thousand dollars if you need to rent furniture (vacant) to better prepare your home for sale or somewhere in between. Once you learn the benefits of staging, you’ll see how this is a solid investment to help you sell your home faster and for top dollar.

How long does staging take?

Once the client has done the de-cluttering and the assigned tasks (i.e. minor repairs), a staging project generally takes roughly 1 to 2 days to stage.


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