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It is hard to become emotionally attached to an empty space. Only 10% of home buyers can picture the potential of a home. Therefore, if you are hoping to sell a property that is vacant, you may find that buyers can have a hard time realizing the potential in a home that is empty. They may have difficulty seeing how their own furniture would be configured in that empty space. Buyers may also have a difficult time understanding the purpose of an empty room; is it a spare bedroom, or could it be used for an office or den? Empty spaces seem more “cold” and less “inviting.” 

At PH Design we begin and evaluate your vacant home based on the demographic research and trends for your home and neighborhood. We carefully chose furniture and accessories from our inventory that will highlight the most desirable qualities of your home. We introduce lifestyle themes and emotional connection to appeal to the targeted home buyers. Vacant staging is ideal for home owners who have already moved out of their home and wish to sell quickly. We offer options that include staging the entire house, or just a few strategically selected rooms. Our goal is to create a home that looks stunning and attracts the buyer to purchase the your home at the asking price, or higher. 

  • Written Proposal

Within 24 hours of contacting PH Design, we will send you an estimated vacant staging proposal, which will  include fees. We are always happy to provide different options for you to select from. 

  • Initial Visit

Depending on the size of your home you should allow us between 30-60 minutes for this vacant home consultation. During this visit we will collaborate with you or your agent to determine the best staging strategy for your home. At this time, we will have a confirmed proposal and the monthly fees to rent furniture, accessories, art, etc. from PH Design.

  • Deposit to Save a Date

Once we receive a deposit from you we will save a date for your staging and will send you a formal contract.


  • Staging Date

On the staging day we require the entire house to ourselves for seamless installation. We finish all of our staging projects within 1-2 days.


  • De-Staging

Once we receive the good news your house has been sold we will schedule a date to de-stage your home.


* All Vacant Staging projects are individually priced on a monthly bases. 

Every home is different, therefore it requires a different set of inventory, style and approach to make each home market ready.

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At Pacific Home Design our goal is to expertly guide home sellers in maximizing profits by creating beautiful spaces where buyers will aspire to live.